Indonesian Premium Quality Robusta Coffee

About Us

Robustanesia manages one large block of Robusta Coffee Plantation (more than 300 acres) is Southern Sumatra, Indonesia.

Today, 66 heads of household (some with their family members) make a living farming coffee on this land. Together, we have successfully practiced sustainable coffee farming for four generations.

We harvest our coffee only once every year. Yields range from 125 – 250 tons annually, depending on natural conditions. We only pick red coffee cherries at their optimum ripeness. Because if we chase production quantity and force-picking coffee cherries that are not ripe yet, there is a risk of killing the plants within one or two years after.

Besides the sustainability of the plantation, we are very concerned about the quality of our coffee beans. That is why we process the coffee on our own. Natural & Hybrid-Wash are the processes we use to produce our Robusta Green Coffee Beans.

Hopefully, we can improve the social, economic, and educational welfare of the farmers and their families by taking their products to the global market.

Our Values


We are committed to providing the best support for our customers’ needs


The most valuable assets in our business are honesty and responsibility


High-quality products and services are not to be compromised



“Farmers don’t dream living in a mansion and driving expensive cars. They simply want to provide proper shelter for their families, put food on the table every single day, and send their children to school. Let’s make that happen!”